Full Circle Organic Lowfat Milk .5 Gal Carton

Produced without the use of antibiotics or added growth hormones. Ultra-pasteurized to stay fresh longer unopened. Annually inspected farmer- owned dairy herds. Produced without antibiotics or synthetic hormones. 100% certified organic feed and pastures. All around goodness ®. Full circle ® certified organic milk products are as nature intended, made without the use of antibiotics or synthetic hormones. The cows that produce the milk are humanely raised by their farmer-owners and fed only 100% certified organic grains or allowed to graze in 100% certified organic pastures. Ultra-pasteurization then keeps this delicious milk tasting as good as the day it was produced, up to three times longer than ordinary milk with conventional pasteurization. Always all natural and great tasting, full circle ® promises to use the best possible Ingredients and minimal processing. Grade a; vitamin a And d; ultra pasteurized 1% milkfat; USDA organic Full circle: return to a natural way of living. Kosher