Playtex Sport Combo Tampons & Liners, Combo Pack

28 Unscented Tampons: Plastic, 360 degree protection. R: 16 regular. S: 12 super. 20 Liners: Regular. FlexFit. New! Sport level protection design to comfortably fit your active life. Tampons: 360 Degree Protection: 360 degree tampon design to fit your body and its every move. FlexFit: Interlocking fibers work quickly to catch leaks from every angle. Liners: FlexFit: Design to move with your body and provide a great fit. Super absorbent core. Ultra-soft cover. Odor Shield technology designed to neutralize odors. Individually wrapped. The absorbencies of all tampon brands have been standardized. Use this chart to compare Playtex tampon absorbencies to other brands. Regular: 6-9 g. Super: 9-12 g. Now, sport level protection any way you want it. USA: Energizer Personal Care, Consumer Affairs, 890 Mountain Avenue, Suite 105, New Providence, NJ 07974, 1-877-4Playtex (1-877-475-2983). Pads/liners made in Canada of imported materials.