Renpure Solutions Conditioner, Cleansing, Sweet Pomegranate

Most damage to hair occurs during shampooing, rubbing your hair causes the damaged areas to crack & tear. This miracle cleansing conditioner melts into your hair. Coconut oil gently removes surface impurities while restoring natural oils. Hydrating keratin loaded with amino acids & protein repair damage and restore strength. Shea butter conditions damaged areas replacing protective lipids, resulting in beautiful, soft, silky hair alive with shine & luster. I'm Tom Redmond Jr., My dad and I started making hair care 30 years ago and pledged to never skimp on quality and never compromise on ingredients, we just make great formulas. A universal cleanser for all hair types. Safe for color treated hair. No sulfates, parabens, dyes, gluten, phthalates, propylene glycol. These products are not tested on animals, they are tested on the Redmonds. Please recycle. Made in our United States of America.