Paws Premium Scoopable Cat Litter 20 Lb Jug

Paws premium natural scoopable cat litter is specially designed to provide ongoing odor control in homes with more than one cat. Paws premium contains a strong odor-fighting formula specially designed for heavy cat box traffic. Its highly absorbent, harder clumping formula lets you easily scoop out the source of odors while providing around the clock protection with a fresh, clean fragrance. So now your litter box will remain fresh and clean all day long for you and your cats. When exposed to liquid waste, the granules expand and absorb the liquid in a well defined clump which will not break apart even during sifting, scooping or scratching by your cat. This means, unlike ordinary cat litters, paws premium scooping cat litter lets you remove virtually all of your cat's liquid and solid waste, and no excess waste in the box means no odors! Used regularly, paws premium scooping cat litter will mean no more unpleasant odors. And greater savings for you. Eliminates odors and changing! Odors and changing are problems in the past! The superior absorption and binding capability of revolutionary paws premium scooping cat litter allows for complete removal of liquid and solid waste and their associated odors. Environmentally friendly! Non-toxic natural clay. Convenient recyclable container. Using paws premium scooping cat litter means less waste easily removed--even liquid waste! Unlike ordinary cat litters, when exposed to liquid waste, paws premium scooping granules bond tightly together and won't break apart during removal or when cats scratch in the box. One jug lasts for up to 5 weeks! Simply replenish the litter that is thrown away. Unused paws premium scooping cat litter stays in the box and keeps working! "She always admired my whiskers. Beautiful!" Scoopable Scented/super absorbent/environmentally friendly/eliminates odors