Scrub Daddy Sponge + Scrubber, Dual Sided, 4 Pack

Scrub Daddy® Sponge Daddy® Dual-Sided Sponge + Scrubber. The Original. Scratch free & resists odors. 4 pack. My spongy side: Uses super soft ResoFoam® to generate suds and absorb more water than an ordinary sponge! *ResoFoam® material stays super soft, even when dry. *Generates a rich lather, reducing the amount of detergent needed. *Safe for use on delicate surfaces. *Absorbent material dries surfaces faster. *Dual-sided pad provides cushion for controlled, smooth use. Soft, absorbent, suds machine! Find tips & ideas online Scrub, Flip, Wipe!®. Sponge Daddy dual-sided sponges are a leap forward in cleaning technology and innovation. Colorful scratch free FlexTexture® is bonded to ResoFoam®, making this multi-purpose sponge ready to tackle any job. Dry surfaces faster, use less detergent, and finally take control of how you clean! I can help you all around your home! Household: cabinets, hardware, floors, walls, baseboards. Kitchen: pots, pans, ceramic & enamel stove tops. Outdoor: lawn furniture, swingset, fences, deck railings. Bathroom: shower, sink, toilet, floors, cabinets, fixtures. Mix and match colors to organize your cleaning! My scrubby side: Uses the famous FlexTexture® foam that made scrub daddy America's favorite Sponge®. *Changes texture with water temperature - soft in warm water & firm in cold water. *Scratch free, odor resistant & dishwasher safe. *Cushions and reinforces spongy side. *Rinses clean with just water to stay fresh. *4 colors help you organize your cleaning. I rinse clean and dry quickly! The Smile Face Sponge® Company.