Tate + Lyle® Vanilla Zero Calorie Syrup 12.7 fl. oz. Bottle

Vanilla zero calorie gourmet syrup naturally and artificially flavored. Enjoy distinct sweet vanilla flavor in your favorite beverages without adding calories using Tate + Lyle® Zero Calorie Gourmet Syrup. Treat yourself to a delicious hot or cold beverage customized to your taste. Infuse a velvety smooth vanilla taste and sweet aroma to coffee, tea, sodas, smoothies, cocktails and more. A sophisticated, fab flavor for you to enjoy any time. Since 1878, Tate & Lyle® has represented high-quality sweetening in London throughout the UK. Trust Tate & Lyle® for a paramount product and a delicious taste. Recipes: Vanilla Iced Coffee and Vanilla Pomegranate Soda. Kosher