Diamond Crystal Salt Sense, Iodized

Real salt. 33% less sodium per teaspoon. Iodized Salt: This salt supplies iodide, a necessary nutrient. The delicious flavor of real salt - with 33% less sodium. Salt Sense brand is real salt - only better. Our salt's unique flake-shaped crystals are larger, yet lighter than ordinary table salt granules. So, the faster-dissolving crystals deliver more flavor with every bite - all while helping you consume less sodium. Real, iodized salt - with real salt flavor. No metallic salt-substitute taste. 33% less sodium per teaspoon than regular table salt. www.diamondcrystalsalt.com. See-feel-taste the difference (100 grams of either product contains 39,100 milligrams (mg) of sodium): Salt Sense Salt: 1 tsp (1,560 mg); Regular Table Salt: 1 tsp (2,360 mg). Upromise: Save for college. Product of USA.