Minute Maid Fruit Falls Tropical Naturally Flavored Water Beverage - 10 PK

Minute Maid® Fruit Falls® Tropical Naturally Flavored Water Beverage with Other Natural Flavors. Made with pure filtered water and a splash of real fruit juice**. New look! Great taste. 10 pouches. Good source of Calcium. 5 calories per pouch. 100% Vitamin C. 3% juice. **A blend of pure filtered water, grape, pear, pineapple and orange juices from concentrate and other ingredients. Put good in. Get Good Out®. You can taste and feel these words in every drop of Minute Maid. We fill every pouch with the delicious, refreshing goodness you have come to expect from us. All because when it comes to life, we believe what you believe. The effort you put in is equal to the good you get out. Helps keep your kids hydrated. 5 calories per pouch. Good source of Calcium. Which is essential for strong teeth and bones. A full day's supply of Vitamin C. Which is a powerful antioxidant that plays an important role in supporting the body's immune system. Made with a splash of real fruit juice**. Our quality promise assures your satisfaction. We guarantee it. Consumer information call 1-800-888-6488. www.minutemaid.com. ©2010 The Coca-Cola Company.