Laughing Man Keurig Hot Coffee, Dark Roast, Colombia Huila, K-Cup Pods

Dark, smoky, sweet. Single-origin. For use in all Keurig K-Cup brewers. Fair Trade certified. New. It is rare that a dark roast coffee can retain its complexity, but our Colombia Huila is produced from beans that have such great character, the deeper roasting enhances their flavor, drawing out a black cherry sweetness and dark chocolate finish. This package is recyclable. For Inquiries Contact: Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. 1-866-901-Brew/1-866-901-2739. Find us on or Colombia Huila: Coffee Origin: Huila, Colombia; Elevation: 1,200-1,900 meters; Process: Washed. Our Story: There are amazing places in the world where geography and culture have come together to create the most perfect growing environments for fine coffee. My friends and I created Laughing Man to give a world-stage to the exceptional varieties from these regions. Each of our responsibly-sourced coffees has a unique personal story to tell, offering a deeper appreciation of the nature and centuries of nurture in every cup. We like to think of our coffees as delicious ambassadors of faraway places. I hope you enjoy them. - Hugh Jackman. Printed in Canada.