Our annual Hatch Pepper Roast is a unique and spicy experience you won’t want to miss!

Straight from the Chile Capital of the World – Hatch Chile Peppers are here and only for a limited time. Join us for our Hatch Pepper Roast and try out how Hatch chilies can elevate your favorite dishes with their unique smokey and rich flavor.

Lima's Hatch Chili Pepper Roast Event in August

Hatch peppers are used in a variety of dishes across the U.S. The can be eaten raw, offering a crisp, spicy flavor, but are more often roasted to give them a smoky, rich, earthier flavor.

Get these specialty items before we run out!

  • Hatch Red Pepper Powder, Hot and Mild
  • Salsa Chunky, Mild
  • Hatch Chile BBQ, Med
  • Hatch Chile Kettle Corn