Vital Proteins Collagen Latte, Blueberry Moon Milk

Dietary Supplement. Made with natural flavors. 10 g bone broth collagen per serving. 1 mg melatonin per serving. 200 mg GABA per serving. 600 mg ashwagandha root per serving. 90 mg magnesium per serving. Dairy free. Typical Amino Acid Profile (Average milligrams per serving naturally occurring): Alanine 813 mg; Arginine 672 mg; Aspartic Acid 537 mg; Cystine 10 mg; Glutamic Acid 962 mg; Glycine 1,901 mg; Histidine (Essential Amino Acids) 90 mg; Hydroxyproline 803 mg; Isoleucine (Essential Amino Acids) 335 mg; Lysine (Essential Amino Acids) 351 mg; Methionine (Essential Amino Acids) 69 mg; Phenylalanine (Essential Amino Acids) 211 mg; Proline 1,029 mg; Serine 290 mg; Threonine (Essential Amino Acids) 190 mg; Trytophan (Essential Amino Acids) 15 mg; Tyrosine 82 mg; Valine (Essential Amino Acids) 248 mg. Melatonin + GABA + magnesium for restful sleep. Made with coconut milk powder. Kick back & chill out. Sip into a state of zen with our Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte supplement, a perfectly creamy, blueberry-flavored treat. Each serving offers 10 g of bone broth collagen as well as melatonin, GABA and magnesium, for additional relaxation and beauty-inducing benefits. Give new meaning to beauty sleep with each sip of this delicious, soul-soothing latte supplement. Grass fed + pasture raised. Made with beef broth collagen. Packaged by weight, not volume. Settling may occur. Whole30 approved. (hashtag)stayvital. BPA-free. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)