V8 +Energy Energy Drink, Orange Pineapple, Sparkling

Plant-based energy beverage with other natural flavors from concentrate. Naturally flavored. 50 calories per can. Excellent source of B vitamins per serving. 50% Less calories & sugar than a leading energy drink. A leading energy drink provides 110 calories and 27 g sugar per 8.4 fl. oz. No sugar added (Not a low calorie food - see nutrition panel for further information on sugar and calorie content). 1 Combined serving of veggies & fruit (1 Can has about 3 oz. vegetable juice and 1 oz. fruit juice. 1 Serving of vegetables or fruit = 4 oz. (1/2 cup). Dietary guidelines recommended 2-1/2 cups of a variety of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit per day for a 2,000 calorie diet). Steady energy from black & green tea. A refreshing boost to keep you going! Caffeine Level: V8 Sparkling + Energy (11.5 oz) - 80 mg. A leading diet soda (12 oz) - 46 mg. A leading energy drink (8.4 oz) - 80 mg. A brewed cup of coffee (8 oz) - 90 mg). Pasteurized. WhatsInMyFood.com. how2recycle.info. www.v8juice.com. Questions or Comments? Call us at 1-800-871-0988. www.v8juice.com. how2recycle.info.