Ultra Lift Targeted Line Smoother, Tightener + Cream

For lines + crow's feet. Instant smoothing innovation. Instantly: smoothes lines. Instantly treats: crow's feet, lines & wrinkles. 2X pro-retinol from nature (vs. other Garnier products). Problem: as we get older, expression lines and crow's feet around our eyes and mouth become permanent lines. The secret to minimizing these lines effectively is to instantly tighten and smooth the skin while actively treating over time. Solution: Ultra-Lift introduces a 2-in-1 targeted wrinkle innovation - tightening serum plus anti-wrinkle cream - that effectively smoothes expression lines in targeted areas, such as crow's feet and fine lines around the mouth and forehead. The swirl suspension technology controls the dosage of these formulas for maximum precision, comfort and effectiveness. Ultra-Lift's Targeted Line Smoother Tightener + Cream combines to: smooth and firm for a renewed look and feel; boost cellular turnover and reduce wrinkles. Results: In 1 Use: Skin around targeted areas such as crow's feet and fine lines around the mouth and forehead feels tighter, smoother and more refreshed. With continued use: Women saw significantly smoother, firmer skin around targeted areas. 2. Treat. 2-in-1 innovation. Swirl suspension technology: For the first time, Garnier combines a tightening serum and anti-wrinkle cream for dual results: smoothing + targeted wrinkle reduction. Garnier Targeted Line Smoother with a naturally-derived plant polymer and 2X pro-retinol from nature (vs. other Garnier products with pro-retinol from nature) tightens and smoothes wrinkles. Some retinols can be harsh on skin, but pro-retinol from nature boosts natural cell renewal while actually protecting skin's surface moisture barrier, to help prevent dryness (in-vitro). Developed through the process of green chemistry, pro-retinol from nature is a blend of naturally derived omega from safflower with pro-retinol. 2X pro-retinol from nature (vs. other Garnier products with pro-retinol from nature). Formulation facts: ophthalmologist tested; dermatologist tested for safety; non-comedogenic - won't clog pores; gentle to skin; allergy tested; non-greasy. garnierUSA.com. Garnier cares: by using FSC-certified paperboard for this package, Garnier supports forest management that respects people and nature. FSC mix - packaging from responsible sources. Terracycle. Help terracycle and Garnier keep beauty products out of landfills! Join a beauty brigade at garnierUSA.com/green to create a greener future. Made in USA.