NO FRUIT JUICE ONE LITER OF TIPPY TOES® ADVANTAGE® CARE ELECTROLYTE SOLUTION PROVIDES: SODIUM, 45 mEq; POTASSIUM, 20 mEq; CHLORIDE, 35 mEq. © TOPCO PBMA0120 Designed to help prevent dehydration~ more effectively than common beverages. Level per liter ADVANTAGE® CARE tippy toes® Pedialyte Pedialyte ADVANCEDCARE Sports Drinks Soda 100% Apple Juice Water Level of electrolyte sodium compared to common beverages ~For mild to moderate dehydration. Prevital® Prebiotics help promote a healthy digestive system. Tippy Toes® ADVANTAGE® CARE Electrolyte Solution quickly replenishes fluids, zinc, and electrolytes to help prevent dehydration due to: VOMITING & DIARRHEA INTENSE EXERCISE HEAT EXHAUSTION TRAVEL Scan here for more information. Call 1-888-423-0139 for more information. OR 10 cent QUALITY GUARANTEED Questions or comments? 1-888-423-0139 R88832UF3 Store unopened bottle in a cool place. Avoid excessive heat. Do not reuse bottle.