Top Care® 7-Day Locking Large Pill Reminder 1 Ct Peg

7-Day locking (large) pill reminder helps keep children safe and prevents accidental spilling. The unique patented design of the weekly pill planner features a locking device that prevents pills from spilling inside your purse, briefcase or suitcase. Also, lids won't accidentally open and spill the contents when dropped. The locking device also works as a child deterrent by making it more difficult to open than a pill reminder without a locking device. Each lid features a large imprinted letter designating the day of the week as well as braille markings for the visually impaired. Planner can be used with or without the locking device. This topcare product is laboratory tested to guarantee its highest quality. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. Rounded scoop bottom for easy pill removal. Each compartment holds up to 20 aspirin size tablets. Colors available: blue & green.