Thomas Season's Best Muffins, Apple Cinnamon

Limited edition. Naturally & artificially flavored. Made with real apples. For over 125 years, Thomas' has been making mornings just a little bit better. It just feels right starting your day with something warm, toasty and above all, something that tastes great. With autumn upon us, the warmth of the season is brought to your morning with Thomas' newest Season's Best Apple Cinnamon English Muffins. Made with the goodness of real apples, you can be sure this will be part of a breakfast that will get your family ready to face the day. Make every morning special with the classic taste of Thomas' Season's Best Apple Cinnamon English Muffins before the season is over. There's nothing quite like a Thomas' Nooks & Crannies English Muffin. Did you know these muffins have: made with real apples; low in fat; no high fructose; 0 g trans fat; no cholesterol. Specialty bakers since 1880. Bakeries at: Frederick, MD; Placentia, CA; Greenwich, CT; Orlando, FL; Riviera Beach, FL; and Elkhart, IN.