The Buffalo Guys Ground Buffalo Burgers 1/4 lb ea

The Buffalo Guys.Nature's Best Meat In Your Store or at Your Door. All Natural* Buffalo Burgers. Range-Raised Without Antibiotics, No Added Hormones**. 90% LEAN! 100% PURE BUFFALO. READY to Cook! PACKAGE to PLATE 8 MIN. READY TO EAT. U.S. INSPECTED AND PASSED BY DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE EST 20247. **THIS PRODUCT IS MADE WITH BUFFALO MEAT RAISED WITHOUT THE USE OF GROWTH HORMONES. FEDERAL REGULATIONS PROHIBIT THE USE OF GROWTH HORMONES IN BUFFALO.Enjoy our Steaks too! Ask your grocer or log on and get 'em shipped right to your door! This delightfully convenient product is made from our pure buffalo meat and is ready to grill right from the package. There are no additives, fillers or other added ingredients. As with all of The Buffalo Guys products, you can expect exceptional taste, convenience and a nutritious meal. American buffalo meat is renown for its great taste. Since we actually raise these magnificent animals ourselves, we take very seriously the responsibility of our stewardship of both animal and land. Our buffalo are humanely range-raised; they never receive growth hormones** and we never feed them animal by-products. In the rare event that an animal requires treatment with antibiotics we disallow them entry into The Buffalo Guys meat supply. We thoroughly enjoy being part of the renaissance of this great specie and offer you the opportunity to participate. "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."Native American Proverb. Also Look for Our Other Tasty Buffalo Products: - Ground - Sausages - Steaks - Ribs - Hot Dogs - Jerky - Roasts - Seasonings. For some great recipes check us out at: INCLUDES: Four Vacuum Packed 1/4 Pound Patties.