Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit, 3 Drugs Tested

Each Kit Contains: All inclusive urinalysis test cup, complete test instructions, parental support guide, peel off labeled specimen ID number, transport bag, pre-addressed mailer for confirmation testing. Endorsed by Tim Chapman, Msc.D, CDAAC America's Parenting Coach. Transforming lives. Laboratory accuracy. Immediate results. First step to detect drugs of abuse in urine. Contains one single use device. 2 Drugs tested include: marijuana (THC), cocaine, methamphetamines. For in Vitro diagnostic use. Easy to use and interpret. Negative Test: Presence of two lines. Preliminary Positive: Presence of one line. Collection and analysis is one step procedure. No handling of urine. Completely confidential. Lab confirmation testing included at no additional charge. Easy to use. No handling of urine. Immediate results. Cost of confirmation laboratory testing included in purchase price. Made in USA.