Sylvania Halogen Indoor/Outdoor 120 Watt Flood Light Bulb

Sylvania Halogen 120w Flood. PAR38. Indoor, outdoor 120V interior/exterior. Light output: 1800 lumens. Energy used: 120 watts. Life: 3000 hours. To serve energy costs, find the bulbs with the light output you need, then choose the one with the lowest watts. 1 bulb. Sylvania and Capsylite are registered trademarks of Osram Sylvania Inc. Proudly made in Winchester kentucky. Crisp & bright. 30 degrees. Ecologic. Sylvania halogen lamps achieve their extraordinary performance by combining an energy efficient halogen capsule with a patented lens and reflector system. Halogen PAR lamps provide brilliant white light in the following applications: Kitchens and family rooms, task lighting and highlighting, bathrooms and hallways, driveways and yards. Made in USA. 1-800-LIGHTBULB (1-800-544-4828). (US & Canada). 01 (800) 716 7007. (Mexico). E means this bulb meets federal minimum efficiency standards.