Swiffer Carpet Flick Starter Kit, Carpet Sweeper

Starter Kit Contains: 1 - Carpet Sweeper. 4 - Cleaning Cartridges. Designed for carpet. Everyday Carpet Sweeper. Easily sweeps up everyday carpet messes. Flick, trap, toss. Glide: Glides effortlessly. Flick: Lightweight and maneuverable. Trap: Flicks visible stuff into the bin. Toss: See-thru top, Watch it Work! Works well with these types of carpet: Cut Pile, Berber. Picks up These Types of Soils: Crumbs, leaves, dirt, grass, glitter, fuzz. Simply flicks and locks the dirt away - amazing! Trap & Lock Cartridge: Unique cleaning cartridge with super-sticky adhesive on both sides. Top side traps and locks crumbs and dirt. Bottom side helps to trap bits of fuzz and lint. One Year Limited Warranty. Made in China.