SWEET EARTH Protein Lover's Functional Breakfast Burrito 6 oz. Pack

Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods™ Breakfast Burrito™ Protein Lover's™. Full flavor. Farm fresh. Enlighten up, man. Functional breakfast burrito™. Egg whites, quinoa, cheddar cheese & our meatless benevolent bacon™ & tuscan savory grounds™. All the flavor of a meat lover's pizza, without the meat. High in vitamin C. 20g Protein. Good source of calcium & iron. 5g Fiber. Vegetarian & delicious. Net Wt. 6 oz (170 g). Expect more from breakfast with our line of functional burritos. Made with nutrient-rich whole foods, our burritos are sure to put the mojo in your morning. This Protein Lover's™ burrito is charged with nutritional powerhouses known as super foods. Red bell pepper. Basil. Fire roasted tomatoes. Quinoa. Flaxseed. High protein. Visit: www.sweetearthfoods.com.