SWEET EARTH Kyoto Stir Fry 9 oz. Box

Natural foods. 10 grams of protein per serving. 5 g fiber. High vitamin C. Vegan. Made with organic tofu, edamame, shiitake mushrooms. Super 5 foods. Certified Organic: CCOF. All natural. The umami flavors of Japan. Japanese vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, tofu & brown rice with a ginger sesame sauce. Perfect for lunch, snack or dinner. High vitamin A & C. Good source calcium & iron. High folate. Super 5 Foods: We believe meals are meant to nourish & strengthen as well as comfort & delight. Our entrees are crafted with 5 inherently healthy, nutrient-dense ingredients known as Super Foods to nourish your body with each savory bite! Ready in minutes! Check out other bold-flavored foods from Sweet Earth! www.sweetearthfoods.com. fb.com/sweetearthfoods. Certified organic by CCOF. Get Nourished with Super 5 Foods Today: 1. edamame; 2. shiitake mushrooms; 3. spinach; 4. ginger; 5. carrots. Organic is non-GMO & more. The Zen of Japanese nutrition. We believe the brightest, most astounding flavors are also the healthiest. Witness the Kyoto Bowl - overflowing with exotic notes of shiitake mushrooms, edamame, ginger, sesame, and seaweed. This complete meal contains millennia of mindful eating. Organic tofu, vegetables and rice dressed in ginger, sesame & miso! Every day, dipping our toes in the Pacific Ocean or walking San Francisco streets, we hail the radical flavors that have come to us from Japan.