Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Fruit, Organic Apple Harvest

100% crunchy fruit and nothing else. Organic fuji. All natural. Only 80 calories. No added sugar. Gluten free. Kids love it. Fat free. USDA organic. Our Natural Guarantee: Our award winning snacks are: 100% fruit; 100% fat free; gluten free; no added sugar; no additives/preservatives; crunchy, sweet & delicious. Since 1997, my company has been committed to producing snacks which are both healthy and delicious. Our fruits and vegetables are picked at the peak of ripeness and Crunch Dried to ensure a delightful snacking experience, our guarantee to you and your family. - David. iParenting Media Award winner. 2008 Top Gear of the year award. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. No peanuts, wheat, eggs or dairy are processed in our facility. Made in USA.