Seneca® Crispy Dulce De Leche Apple Chips 2.5 oz. Bag

Seneca Apple Chips contain 7g fat per serving. Regular potato chips contain 10g fat per serving. Snack Healthier...Snack Seneca. Our Dulce de Leche Apple Chips bring out the decadent, sweet taste of the Latin American favorite combined with the tartness of our crisped Washington apples. Enjoy the richness of creamy caramel! Seneca Snack Chips met the quest for a tasty, yet healthier snack alternative. Less sodium, no cholesterol and great taste make our snack chips the preferred choice among health--conscious individuals. Try our great tasting flavors. Serving Suggestions: Crumble chips on top of your favorite Dulce de Leche ice cream, your favorite flan recipe or snack right out of the bag! Made with Fresh Apples Gluten Free Kosher Dairy