Sassy 6+ Months Music Rock Star Guitar

Sassy™ 6+ Months Music Rock Star Guitar. Press buttons for music. Inspire touch. Paint free! Safe for mouthing. Try me! Press buttons to rock. Develop hand-eye coordination. Learn more! At 6+ months baby begins to: Voluntarily grasp objects. Develop hand-eye coordination. Love repetition. Rock star guitar: Familiar children's songs with a rock twist to help baby discover cause & effect. Spinning barrel with beads for baby to "strum". Variety of sounds to engage attention. Baby's eye view: 3+ months: Baby can now see all major colors and by 4 months can even categorize and remember them. Interaction idea: Push the buttons and show baby how to cause the music to play. Talk to baby about the colors and the music. Shake to hear the beads rattle. Developmental insight: Infants cannot differentiate objects better with their left or right hands. By the time they are two, they are slightly better at identifying objects with their left than their right. Be inspired, visit This product contains non-replaceable batteries.