REESE'S Ugly Sweater Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Creme Candy, 6 oz, Gift Box

If you haven't gotten an ugly Christmas sweater as a Christmas gift, attended an ugly Christmas sweater party or encountered someone decked out in a thickly adorned holiday sweater, have you even truly celebrated the season? Not to worry — whether you love ugly Christmas sweaters or are just hearing about the trend now, REESE'S Ugly Sweater milk chocolate and peanut butter creme candy has you covered. If you're not quite ready to get decked out yourself, try a decked out candy with all the delectable flavor of REESE'S classic peanut butter creme candy and all the hilarious festivity of an ugly Christmas sweater bundled into one large treat. Wrapped in fun holiday colors and shaped like a classic Christmas sweater, this candy gift makes the perfect holiday stocking stuffer. Bring one to the office or keep it under the tree for an edible candy decoration. Break the gift box open and share the candy with friends and family during your next holiday movie night. Whether you're dressed in your own adorably hideous getup or looking to enjoy the trend without diving all in, the creamy goodness of REESE'S Ugly Sweater candy will carry you through the holidays in bliss.