Marzetti® Gluten Free Seasoned Herb Baked Croutons 4 oz. Pouch

We're proud to top your next salad with the delicious, toasted perfection of Marzetti® Gluten-Free Baked Croutons. Because even without gluten or dairy, you can still enhance every salad you create. Marzetti Gluten-Free Baked Croutons start in our gluten-free bakery as artisan bread made with a custom-milled blend of tapioca flour, rice flour, and potato starch. We slice each freshly baked loaf so no two pieces are alike, then season with our signature spice blend and return them to the oven until perfectly crisped. The result? Gluten-free, dairy-free croutons that are bursting with baked-in flavor. We're the extra touch that's unforgettable. So add some wow to your salad today with Marzetti Gluten-Free Baked Croutons. Add Some Wow to Your Salad! Bursting with Baked in Flavor No High Fructose Corn Syrup Without Artificial Flavors or Colors 0g Trans Fat Gluten Free