Pilot B2P Pens, Gel Roller, Fine/0.7 mm, Blue Ink

World's first pen made from recycled bottles! Smooth writing G2 ink. Refillable. 89% recycled content. Be green. From Bottle 2 Pen gel roller. Made from 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Vibrant G2 gel ink for smooth, effortless writing. Meets ISO 14001 and 14201 standards. Retractable and refillable with G2 refill. Printed on recycled board. Blister produced from recycled PET. 1. Bottles are collected. 2. Bottles are fed through a shredder in a recycling plant. 3. Plastic is melted and cut into pellets. 4. The pellets are shaped and reborn as B2P pens. 5. Scraps from production go to collection. Made in France.