Pedia Care Children's Cold & Flu Hydration Power Sticks Grape - 6 CT

Pedia Care® Cold & Flu Hydration Power Sticks Grape Flavor - 6 CT. New. We Care for Kids™. Dual Action. Replenish fluids & electrolytes*. Recover with antioxidants*. Electrolyte - antioxidant supplement. Children ages 2-11. Keeping hydrated can help make your child feel better. Use Pedia Care® cold & flu hydration rather than fruit juices, soda, sports drinks or water at the onset of diarrhea and/or vomiting to help replace lost fluid and electrolytes. Electrolyte replenishment levels. Pedia Care® hydration. Spots drinks. Soda. 100 apple juice. Replenish and recover with Pedia Care® cold & flu hydration. Replenishes fluids and vital nutrients lost during colds, diarrhea and vomiting plus provides immune boosting antioxidants to promote a strong recovery.* Contains less sugar than sports drinks, sweetened sodas and juices, which can make diarrhea worse. Questions 1-888-474-3009 Mon - Fri. 8 AM to 8PM EST. ©2012 Medtech Products Inc. A prestige Brand Company.