Our Family Frosted Flakes Corn Cereal

Our Family. Quality since 1904. Provides 9 vitamins plus iron. Frosted flakes. Presweetened corn cereal. Our Family satisfactions plus! If you are not satisfied with any Our Family brand product, simply return it to the store where purchased. We will refund your money PLUS replace the item with a like item of the brand of your choice - FREE. A day in the life of... A meteorologist. Meteorologists work with scientists in chemistry, physics, mathematics and more. Everyday meteorologists work toward better understanding how the atmosphere affects us. It takes all kinds of sciences to recognize these patterns, so meteorologists count on experts in other challenging fields, like math and physics to help them analyze their research. Radars, satellites and supercomputers... meteorologists use them everyday! It is not as simple as just looking up into the sky. Everyday meteorologists use amazing machines to do their research and make their predictions ... like satellites that let them see the entire earth from space and radars that let them track the movement of dangerous storms! Meteorologists can predict the weather for the next five days and beyond! Will it be sunny or rainy The research and predictions made by meteorologists impact how people go about their day. That is why meteorologists check weather conditions many times during the day. For example, storms may gain momentum or break apart in order to update their predictions. Meteorologists closely study atmospheric patterns all over earth! Weather conditions on one side of the world can greatly affect what the weather on the other side of the world will do shortly. That is why each and everyday meteorologists study these conditions (clouds, rain, wind and storms) to identify patterns and understand them better. Imagine you're a meteorologist. What would your perfect forecast look like Meteorologists need high-tech tools to do their job. Can you match each tool with what it does - Monitors precipitation, helping short-term weather forecasting and to spot severe weather such as thunderstorms and tornados. - Gives meteorologists a snapshot of the earth's three-dimensional atmospheric conditions, sending data-like temperature, relative humidity, and pressure from a transmitter high in the air to a receiver below. - Used to measure wind speed. A. Weather Balloons. B. Radar. C. Anemometers. 100% Recycled paperboard. Labels for learning. Earning money for your school, church or other nonprofit organization is easy with the Our Family labels for learning program. Simply save the UPC barcode from any of the more than 2,000 Our Family items. Each bundle of 500 UPC barcodes sent in earns a $25.00 check for your school, church or organization. Earn money for new textbooks, band uniforms, art supplies or other program needs. The decision of how to spend money earned through the Our Family labels for learning program is up to each group. To participate, schools, churches and nonprofit groups can register by completing a registration form available at www.nashfinch.com. Together we can make a difference in the education of our children! Save the UPC barcode on this box to start making a difference today. (Program rules and regulations apply).