Oregon Fruit Products® Seedless Thompson Grapes in Light Syrup 15 oz. Can

How Sweet They Are! Look inside this label for a fabulous recipe for Grape Pie! You'll need: (2) crusts for a 9-inch pie, 2 cans Oregon Grapes, sugar, tapioca and whipping cream. Check www.oregonfruit.com. for more great ideas or eat our Grapes straight from the can. If you have a recipe of your own, please call us and share it! Our Thompson Seedless Grapes are grown in the heart of California, famous for growing grapes. Although they spend a few hours en route to us, we think you'll find that a bowl of Oregon Grapes will remind you of sunny, summer days when there's nothing but you and the juicy, sweet goodness of an Oregon Grape. You'll see why we only choose the finest specimens to put our name on. Our Grapes are canned at the peak of ripeness, naturally sweeter than fresh grapes found in your supermarket. They are so proud to be on your grocer's shelf in the friendly, familiar, black-labeled can from Oregon that they are literally bursting at the seams. Thanks for buying our Grapes! Packed at Its Peak in the USA California Grapes Packed in Oregon Kosher