Natierra Himalania Dark Chocolate Hemp Seeds

Natierra® Himalania® Dark Chocolate Hemp Seeds. Nature + Earth. The World's Most Essential Seed. Fiber. Omegas. Magnesium. Net Wt. 6 OZ (170 g). Grown sustainably on the fertile prairies of Canada, Himalania Toasted Hemp Seeds are carefully selected and enrobed in premium dark chocolate. The combination of dark chocolate and hemp seeds makes indulging your sweet-tooth possible, while taking in healthy benefits. Pairs perfectly with your favorite recipes, baking dishes, smoothies, yogurts, fruits and cereals. A satiating snack with a sweet crunch, dark chocolate hemp seeds can also be enjoyed on-the-go, straight from the bag! Healthy and Tasty Treat. Once a staple ingredient amongst ancient civilizations, hemp seeds have achieved great longevity due to their ability to nourish and fuel in their natural state. The nutritional wonder seed is derived from the same hemp plant renowned for its durable fiber. Each serving provides a unique balance of vitamins and minerals including proteins, fibers, omegas and essential amino acids, making it an ideal snack the whole family can enjoy! A Good source of Fiber and Magnesium. WIth 0.5g Omega-3 / 1.5g Omega-6 per serving. Non GMO Project Verified. These statements have not been evacuated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.