Mama Capri Pasta Sauce, Marinara

Classic sauce. Made with all natural ingredients. Mama's classic! Marinara is the heart and soul of every sauce. Fresh, imported tomatoes, hand-chopped garlic, and a touch of basil are sauteed in extra virgin olive oil over an open flame. That's the tradition you taste. Like all of Mama's sauces, made with all natural imported ingredients and love. When I brought my family from Cosenza, Italy I didn't want the traditions I grew up with to be lost. I served my sauces from the Calabria region every night in the new world. My sauces are made the authentic way - with care and the freshest imported ingredients. Not just a taste of Italy, it's supper the way I've made it for years. You'll think I'm in the kitchen with you. Try all of my sauces. You'll be glad you did. - Mama. No preservatives added. Made in USA.