Luminarc Jug, Quadro, 57-1/4 Ounces

1 x 1.7 lt = 1 x 57-1/4 oz. The Advantages of a Luminarc Jug: 1. Functional jug lid is with two side out-put mouth, the wider side for large float of water, and the bar side to block fruit juice or foam, allowing you use more convenient. 2. Integrated jug, well connecting handle and jug body, makes it safer and stronger. 3. Special technology makes the spout not only has nice appearance, but also avoid any spatter may be caused. The top technology also show you perfect and smooth shape, bringing you Luminarc's quality. 4. With best material and technology, ARC always shows you super transparent glass with high quality, keeps the brightness after frequently dishwashing. How to Identify Luminarc Product? Please enjoy the joy Luminarc bring to you, if you can find embossed logo ARC on the handle near the connection of jug body. Food safe. White lid. Made in China.