Loreal Mousse, Sublime, Golden Light Brown, 63

Permanent conditioning haircolor. Natural, lively, shiny. Perfect gray coverage. As easy to apply as shampoo. Healthy-looking, shiny color. Superior mousse pump. Permanent color. What's Inside: 1 bottle of liquid-to-mousse colorant. 1 bottle of liquid-to-mousse developer. 1 tube of healthy shine conditioner - up to 6 weekly treatments. 1 mousse pump. 1 pair of gloves. 1 instruction sheet (insert). Beautiful haircolor captured in an ultra-light airy mousse. Permanent Conditioning Haircolor: Sublime Mousse is a permanent haircolor that covers grays perfectly, and preserves your hair's natural highs and lows. The secret? Beautiful color captured in an ultra-light airy mousse. Natural, Lively, Shiny: It's color to fall in love with! With beautiful natural tones that are true to life. Plus perfect gray coverage. Simple, Luscious Mousse: The luscious soft mousse is our fastest and simplest application at home. As easy to apply as shampoo -just massage in. No more parting or separating. The voluptuous mousse expands around your hair, surrounding every strand so even difficult-to-reach areas, like the back of your head, are easily covered. With a delicate fruity fragrance for a pleasurable experience. Sublime mousse by healthy look only from L'Oreal. Because you're worth it.