Lint Lizard Vac Attachment, Dryer Lint

Remove years of lint build up! For all dryer types! Lint trap cleaning tool. As seen on TV. TeleBrands. Helps prevent vent fires! Fits any vacuum! 43 inches long! Cleans deep! Reaches packed in lint and dirt. Clean & unclog outdoor vents. A clogged dryer works harder and all that lint can even burn out your motor, or worse - it can start a dangerous vent fire! Introducing the Lint Lizard. it's like a magic wand that cleans deep into any dryer. The Lint Lizard attaches to almost any vacuum hose and features a long flexible reach. After a quick cleaning with the Lint Lizard your dryer vent is clear making it work less and run more efficient. Take yours home today! Includes: Lint Lizard; vacuum adapter; clear hose. Made in China.