L'Oreal Paris Skin Expertise Age Perfect Mature Skin Hydra-Nutrition Advanced Repair Serum

L'Oreal® Paris Skin Expertise Age Perfect® Mature Skin Hydra-Nutrition Advanced Repair Serum. New. Reverses past damage with nutri-repair complex. Actual size. Why is age perfect hydra-nutrition right for me As women mature, their skin is gradually depleted of essential nutrients. Additionally, with years of environmental damage-like the sun's aging rays-skin can become dull and parched and can lose its resilience. The innovation. Introducing a breakthrough nutri-repair complex enriched with bio-peptides and patented ceramide fortifiers. So powerful, it repairs past damage, reducing visible signs of aging. So deeply nourishing, it strengthens skin against future damage. Continuous repair. Redensifying action: with 6X the power of key ingredients*, skin is re-cushioned from within. Skin is more supple and resilient. Intense hydration: instantly replenishes skin's protective moisture barrier. Even skin tone: skin appears more naturally radiant. See visible results. Immediately: 88% saw more hydrated skin**. Radiance is restored. After 4 weeks: 85% saw more even skin tone**. 85% saw improved skin density**. Elasticity is improved for more toned, resilient skin. *As compared to the ingredients of other age perfect hydra-nutrition formulas (day/night, eye, and face, neck and chest). ** Based on consumer evaluations. Your recommended regimen. Step 1. Age perfect cleanser. Step 2. Age perfect hydra-nutrition high active serum. Step 3. Age perfect hydra-nutrition golden balm eye. Step 4. Age perfect hydra-nutrition golden balm face, neck, + chest. Formula essentials. Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic. Questions or comments: contact L'Oreal USA, Inc., 575 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017. For personalized skincare advice: call 1-800-322-2036 or visit www.lorealparis.com. Because you're worth it™.