Kretschmar Premium Deli Spiral Recipe Ham

Kretschmar Premium Deli Spiral Recipe Ham wins over your family with the legendary flavor of roasted spiral recipe ham that's fully cooked and ready to heat. Crafted from the finest ingredients, this gluten free ham is made with no MSG added and is free of fillers to give your family a wholesome option you feel good about serving. Enjoy the family-favorite flavor of spiral sliced ham with less prep time by putting it in the oven until it's heated thoroughly. Our spiral recipe ham is easy to cut into slices for serving at a small family gathering for a hearty family dinner, bringing the holidays to you everyday with a wonderful blend of brown sugar, spice and cloves. Serve our classic spiral recipe ham next to your favorite side dishes, including mashed potatoes, vegetables and rolls for a special meal. Store Kretschmar ham in the refrigerator to keep it fresh until you're ready to heat and serve it. Try the legendary taste of Kretschmar today.