Kids-Eeze Grape Flavor Cough & Cold Soft Chews

Kids-Eeze Cough & Cold. From the makers of Cold-Eeze. Cough suppressant. Dextromethorphan HBr 5mg. Nasal decongestant. Phenylephrine HCI 2.5mg. For relief of: +Coughs. +Stuffy nose. +Sinus congestion. Soft chew. Great tasting grape. Artificially flavored. 12 soft chews. E-mail: Made in USA. Uses: Temporarily relieves cough and nasal congestion associated with a cold or hay fever. Helps you cough less. Controls the intensity of coughing. Reduces the impulse to cough to help you sleep. Relieves the cough impulses without narcotics. Relieves stuffy nose and sinus congestion and pressure. Other information: Each soft chew contains 6 mg sodium. To report serious side effects associated with the use of this product call 1-800-505-COLD (2653).