Tuscany Candle Fragrance Bar Warmer, White Square

Classic fragrances for the home. Home. Dorm. Office. The Tuscany Fragrance Bar Warmer allows you to enjoy beautiful, continuous fragrance in your home - conveniently, safely, and with no flame! Wax Fragrance Bars are gently melted using a low wattage light bulb. The bulb also casts soft, romantic illumination through the small openings in the warmer. The unique design of this warmer makes it as decorative as it is functional - adding warm and fragrant ambiance to any room. For use with our wax fragrance bars, offered in a variety of refreshing scents that will create the perfect mood and captivate your senses! Fragrance bars not included. UL listed. langleyempirecandle.com. Place. Enjoy. Made in China.