Herbal Essences® Body Envy® Volumizing Conditioner 17 fl. oz. Bottle

Body Envy Volumizing Conditioner will help you feel uplifted. Our zesty citrus fragrance creates a rush that'll lift you off your feet as lightweight conditioning leaves hair and body and fullness. Intriguing ingredients. Incredible fragrances. Irresistibly touchable hair. Herbal Essences. Potent pleasure for all your senses. If you want the full view, try this volumizing conditioner with Body Envy Shampoo. Naturally Inspired: Bright, happy, and full of Vitamin C, oranges boost more than immunity--their refreshing scent wakes up the senses. Live life to the fullest. Not to brag, but it's okay to be a little full of yourself when you see the lusciously bouncy body you'll keep with this light conditioner. 100% Body, 0% Heavy Buildup With Citrus Essences Lifts in All the Right Places and Rinses to Leave You with Volume that Minds Light, Lush Formula Fused with Passion Flower Sunrise and Pearl Why We Love It: Serum-Infused Formula for Moisturized Softness