Hefty Kitchen Fresh Odor Block Lemon-Lime Scented Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags - 22 CT

Hefty Kitchen Fresh Odor Block Technology Lightly Scented Lemon-Lime Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags. Bonus! 2 more bags. 22 bags. Hefty Kitchen Fresh Bags deliver strength, convenience and odor control for the kitchen. 1. Helps neutralize odors. 2. Easy to close and carry. 3. Dependable strength. Hefty delivers strength & convenience you can count on: Hefty Ultra Flex. Hefty Renew. Hefty Gripper. Hefty Odor Block. Hefty CinchSak Strong. 100% recycled paperboard. Pactiv. When communicating with Pactiv Corporation about this particular product, please include both end flaps with the embossed numbers, or laser printed white numbers and the UPC bar code located on this panel. Hefty is proud to contribute to schools around the country! Earn cash for your local school by participating in the box tops for education program. Just cut out this Hefty trash bag box tops coupon and drop off at your local school. With the support of this program, over 100,000 schools receive funds to purchase items such as computers, books, art supplies and playground equipment. Helps neutralize kitchen odors. Strength you can count on. Convenient drawstring closure.