Yours Droolly Dog Toy, Gorrrrilla, Medium Dogs

Suitable for medium dogs 15-35 lbs. 2200 lbs compression tested. Heavy duty composition. Patented design. Made stronger to last longer. The mark of a grrrreat toy is when it challenges even the smartest dog, keeping them occupied for ages. Which is why we put our Gorrrrillas to the ultimate test with the smartest animals, chimpanzees. In strictly controlled zoo conditions, we filled our toys with treats and let the chimps loose. The results were staggering. They kept the primates occupied and amazingly, given that chimps are 20 times stronger than the most powerful dog, our toys lasted unscathed. So when you throw your dog a Gorrrrilla from Yours Droolly, rest assured it'll be wagging that tail for a while to come. The Teaser: Gives your dog a whiff of the delicious treats hidden inside. The Licky Strip: For something a bit different, smear a tasty paste (peanut butter, honey, etc.) in the groove. The Clever Bit: Specially shaped interior chamber has a ridge inside that makes it hard to get the treats out. Happy Ending: Where all the treats go in, and eventually come out, rewarding dogs and encouraging long lasting play. The Dam: To make it more challenging, pack a couple of correctly sized treats together in the opening to block the other treats from falling out. Look out for Gorrrrilla treats that have been designed just for this job. Our product testing team at Hamilton Zoo. The zoo with personality. Pet fun, multiplied. Made in China.