Caltrate Bone Health, Advanced, Minis, Tablets

Calcium Supplement. Easy to swallow! New look! Advanced (Includes magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc.). 600+D3 plus minerals. 2 in 1 dual action. Bone strength & flexibility. Includes magnesium & zinc. Your bones are awesome! They are actually made up of 2/3 minerals and 1/3 collagen, a combination that helps support strong bones that can also flex under pressure. But over time, they need help staying healthy. That's why Caltrate Minis Plus Minerals is the only small size calcium supplement that is formulated with the calcium, vitamin D3, and magnesium you need for bone strength, plus zinc and other essential minerals that support collagen production for healthy, flexible bones. 35% smaller (Per tablet; as compared to leading small size calcium supplement.) vs leading small size calcium supplement. Extra minerals to support bone flexibility (Per tablet; as compared to leading small size calcium supplement.). 3x more vitamin D3 (Per tablet; as compared to leading small size calcium supplement.). Actual size visual comparisons. Facebook: Join us on Facebook. Doctor recommended. Dual Benefits: Support bone flexibility; Maintain strong bones. 2 in 1 dual action! 1. Calcium, vitamin D3, and magnesium for bone health; 2. Zinc and other minerals (Refers to cooper and manganese.) to support collagen production for bone flexibility. Questions? Comments? Call 1-800-282-8805. For most recent product information, visit (This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)