Ultra Lift Deep Wrinkle Day Cream, Intensive

SPF 30 sunscreen. For deep wrinkles. Visibly lifts deep wrinkles and restores elasticity. Pro-retinol + pro-elastin from nature. Retinol revolution. Garnier Ultra-Lift Intensive introduces a powerful yet gentle anti-aging solution, with pro-retinol and pro-elastin from nature, to restore elasticity and lift deep wrinkles. Retinol is known to be effective at treating deep wrinkles, but some retinols can be harsh on skin's surface. Pro-retinol from nature boosts natural cell renewal while actually protecting skin's surface moisture barrier, to help prevent dryness and irritation (in-vitro testing). Developed through the environmentally-friendly process of green chemistry, Pro-retinol from nature is a blend of naturally derived omega from the safflower with pro-retinol. Pro-elastin from nature, a botanical molecule, helps protect and rebuild skin's support structure (in-vitro testing). Ultra-Lift Intensive restores skin's bounce back, regaining its natural resilience for smoother, more elastic skin. Problem: Over time cell turnover slows, elastin breaks down causing wrinkles to deepen. Treating advanced signs of aging effectively can sometimes be harsh on skin. Solution: For the first time, Ultra-Lift Intensive combines Pro-retinol and pro-elastin from nature in an SPF 30 moisturizer to lift deep wrinkles and restore skin's bounce back, while being gentle on skin. Results: (in a clinical test): Instantly: Skin looks firmer and feels velvety smooth. In 4 Weeks: Skin gains more bounce back as deep wrinkles visibly diminish. With Continued Use: Skin's elasticity is restored and deep wrinkles are reduced. 1. Cleanse 2. Treat 3. Moisturize. Formulation Facts: Dermatologist tested for safety. Non comedogenic - won't clog pores. Gentle to skin. Non-greasy.