Top Care® Long Everyday Unscented Light Liners 40 Ct Box

The Seal of Cotton and cotton enhancedTM are trademarks of Cotton Incorporated. How it works: A lot of science goes into feeling this natural. Skin Health The cotton enhanced and breathable outer layers wick away moisture to help your skin stay dry and comfortable Visit to see the Dri-Fit™ difference for yourself! Dri-FitTM and Daily WearTM are trademarks of First Quality Retail Services, LLC. Used under license. QUALITY GUARANTEED OPEN HERE This package is not a toy. The Dri-Fit System An advanced level of skin health and protection QUESTIONS? 1-888-423-0139 © TOPCO Scan here for more information DESIGNED, DEVELOPED, AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA. Protection Perfect protection for everyday wear, slight urine loss, spotting or tampon back up FQHA0219 This product's body side cover contains a nonwoven with at least 15% cotton.