Listerine Zero Alcohol-Free Mouthwash for Bad Breath, Cool Mint, 1 L

Say goodbye to bad breath with Listerine Zero Alcohol Cool Mint Alcohol-Free Mouthwash. This daily oral rinse mouthwash kills 99.9% of bad breath germs with a less intense taste for a fresher and cleaner mouth than brushing alone. It features flavors found in Listerine Antiseptic Oral Care Mouthwash, but in a less intense formula. From the number 1 dentist-recommended brand of over the counter mouthwashes, this great-tasting Cool Mint flavor of this less intense, fresh breath mouthwash leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. Get 24-hour protection from bad breath germs by rinsing with this minty mouthwash for 30 seconds twice a day, both morning and night as part of a regular oral and dental hygiene routine.