Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths Restore - 10 CT

Ban® Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths. New! With PowderSilk™ technology. With smooth powder finish. Instant freshness anytime, anywhere. Restore with a light powder scent. 10 cloths. Feel restored with a cool silky touch and light powder scent. These revolutionary cloths, with patented PowderSilk™ Technology leave skin feeling soft and refreshed with a translucent, superfine powder so skin stays smooth and comfortable all day with no sticky residue. Lightly-fragranced cloths cool skin on contact as they wipe away sweat for long-lasting freshness. Available in the deodorant aisle. A convenient way to feel instantly refreshed anytime, anywhere: After exercising. At work. Before appointments. On the road. For ultimate freshness, use with your favorite Ban® antiperspirant deodorant. Questions 1-866-226-3363