Curad Non-Stick Pads, with Adhesive Tabs

2 x 3 in. 10 Sterile pads. We help heal. No tape necessary! Breathable & highly absorbent. Ouchless - triple layer protection: Non-Stick Film: Specialized coating on the pad won't stick to wound; Comfortable Absorbent Core: Absorbs fluid, protects and cushions wounds from further injury; Covering Top Layer: Helps protect wounds from germs and dirt. Hospital quality. Medline - Supplying hospitals for over 40 years. Curad Non-Stick Pads are made of a soft perforated film bonded to a highly absorbent pad. The film has a ventilated layer allowing the wound to breathe while letting the pad absorb any fluids. The pad can be cut or trimmed to fit any wound. Latex free product. Made in China.