Pepperidge Farm® Tim Tam® Caramel Sandwich Cookies 6.2 oz. Bag

Bakers love discovery. At Pepperidge Farm, when we find an outstanding cookie recipe, we can't wait to share it. Experience Tim Tam® cookies, a classic Australian treat coveted by chocolate lovers Down Under for decades. Layer by layer, Tim Tam cookies tempt, tantalize and delight. Beneath a smooth layer of irresistible chocolate fudge, between two layers of crisp biscuits...a mouthwatering layer of chocolate creme with a rich caramel center awaits. Pepperidge Farms® sweet & simple cookies are a celebration of a cookie's fundamentals--real honest baking with only the best ingredients. Take pleasure in the simplicity of a cookie well-baked. Taste the essence of our classic lemon cookie. Golden-baked to a delicate crisp balanced with a sweet, lemony flavor--simply scrumptious. Per 4 Cookies: 160 Calories; 3g Sat Fat--15% DV; 105mg Sodium--4% DV; 8g Sugars. Australia's Favorite Cookie!